Shhh... you've stumbled upon the Voxtrot vaults. We'll be updating this page with new odds and ends every once in a while.

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"Massive Mothers" (Voxtrot/Massive Attack mashup)
December 2006, MP3 [5.1MB]
"Massive Mothers" came about because of a Voxtrot remix contest that the spanish site Buffet Libre was hosting. It had been a year since we had mixed, mastered, and released "Mothers, Sisters, Daughters & Wives" and I hadn't listened to the individual tracks since then. I was curious to see what was there, so I downloaded them, and it was inspiring to hear the song in new ways. Later that night I was listening to "Teardrops" by Massive Attack, and with the remix still on my mind, i couldn't help but laugh at the idea of a mashup entitled "Massive Mothers". I stopped laughing long enough to take the two songs apart and start piecing them back together, and this is what i came up with."

"Heaven" (Talking Heads cover)
KEXP live session, 03.14.06, MP3 [5.5MB]

"The first time we played O'Leaver's in Omaha, Nebraska, we were all sitting around the bar enjoying our free pints of domestic beer, pre-show. The Talking Heads were playing on the house speakers and everybody in our band, minus myself, was singing along. Not that I wouldn't like to have been singing along, but I am almost completely unfamiliar with the Talking Heads' catalogue. That song in particular grabbed me and I began to think that it would sound wonderful reformatted with a new kind of drive. It wasn't until many months later that we decided to put it together, but I'm glad we did. For me, it was totally made by the delayed guitars. A far cry from the perfection of the original, or possibly a whole different animal. Either way, this song is very invigorating to play live." -R.S.

"Love Vigilantes" (New Order cover)
live bootleg, Magnetic Field, Brooklyn NY 12.05.05, MP3 [3.8MB]
"About three and a half years ago, when I first met our now manager, James Minor, I was nineteen and somehow managed to be sneaked in, week after week, to this bar in Austin called the Whisky Bar where people went to dance on a Thursday night. Incidentally, they still do. One night after the bar had shut and people were gathering at James' house, I was sitting on the sofa and his roomate Ben (who happened to be the regular Thursday night DJ) came in the door in a rather festive mood and loudly proclaimed, "I have to hear this song again!" He put Love Vigilantes on the record player and I was instantly hooked. Only New Order can do something so brilliantly and effectively, utilising only three chords. Bravo." -R.S.

"Raised By Wolves" / "You Can Hide Your Love Forever" (Comet Gain cover)
WOXY live session, 02.21.06, MP3 [7.5MB]
"For a while, the only Comet Gain record I had was Realistes, which I love. However, at some point earlier this year our guitarist Mitch, who I live with, went about procuring pretty much everything in the Comet Gain collection, including this rather hard to find single. I love the title and we decided it would be perfect to work up for our Valentine's Day show this year. I like it because it's not really anti-romance or pro-romance. It falls somewhere on that realistic line of amiguity." - R.S.

"Shayla" (Blondie cover)
recorded in a '95 Toyota Corolla, Denton TX, 04.21.06 by, MP3 [3.6MB]
"About a week ago when we were driving back to Texas for the final two dates of our tour, Jared (keyboardist) received a message
from Garrison of, suggesting that Union City Blues would be a nice song for Voxtrot to cover. I mistakenly believed
Shayla to be called Union City Blues, and thus promised to work up a cover to record at the venue. There was some confusion but after we
sussed it out I borrowed an accoustic guitar from Bosque Brown and we headed to Garrison's Corrola to record it. Small space, but his microphone was quite hi-tech so I think the sound quality is actually okay. I had first heard this song on a free Optimo New Year compilation and have always been moved by the liquid quality of her voice on the recording." - R.S.