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Each step is moving, it's moving me up
moving, it's moving me up
Every step is moving me up
moving me up, moving, moving me up
Every step is
moving me up
One tiny, tiny,
tiny move
It's all I need
And I jump over
Every step is moving me up

This is how we walk on the moon.

The other day I was really hung over. It was the first Sunday of my
25th year and it would be mild to say that our little Neukoln abode
was experiencing a lack of smiles. "We've got to start having some
positive moments here," Rosie said to me.

"We do have positive moments," I said. "Just never on Sunday."
That's a lie, by the way, we've had some positive moments on Sunday,
Rosie and I, just maybe not too many in this new house, as we've only
lived there a few weeks. Also, Rosie probably wouldn't say "positive
moments," that's something I would say. But you get the idea... Anyway
she went into the living room and put on this song which I had never
heard, but which also happened to be the most soothing sound to grace
my ears in quite some time. The never-changing key, the continuous
flow of reassurance. "This sounds like Arthur Russell."

"It is Arthur Russell." I've been thinking about Arthur Russell
quite a lot recently, about how his voice is the closest thing to
liquid, about how cool he looks in that photo with the cello and the
baseball cap, about New York 30 years ago-all the electric energy of
thousands of men running through it, flooding the streets of the West
Village as though they were birthed, unannounced, from the banks of
the Hudson River.

During the production of our last record, I spent many a day holed up
in Victor's mixing studio on Christopher Street. Whenever I had a
free moment I would walk to the edge of the water and take in the
silence of the now-dilapidated pier. I would think to myself (as I
often do), "Something happened here, something worth noting, and now
it's over." Primarily, it would cause me to consider freedom,
liberation, although that's a bit redundant as freedom is merely the
byproduct of liberation.

As Arthur Russell would probably agree (judging by his later
composition, "Losing My Taste for Nightlife,"), nightlife isn't
everything. But it is something, it can feel like freedom, and I
get the sense that, maybe, to a few marginalized populations in the
late seventies and early eighties, it carried some emotional weight.
Or maybe it made them feel weightless-I'm not sure. Sometimes I feel
like that.

Positive Times.


"First Thought/Only Thought (Thirty Minutes of Summer)" mix

1. Neu - Leb Wohl
2. Arthur Russell - This is How We Walk on the Moon
3. Shocking Pinks - This Aching Deal
4. Mary Lou Lord - Some Jingle Jangle Morning (When I'm Straight)
5. Marianne Faithful w/ Beck - Like Being Born
6. Arthur Russell - Wild Combination
7. Desmond and the Tutus - Kiss You (King of Town Remix)
8. FrÓnšois and the Atlas Mountains - Night Lights

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